Lady, aged 71, Exmouth, Devon

“Towards the end of 2001 I consulted Neil to see if aromatherapy could help with the symptoms of arthritis in my knee, neck and shoulders. I have derived great benefit from this. My knee is more mobile and I am able to walk further. The pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulder have lessened and are at times non-existant. I am continuing with my treatment.”

E.M.T. Exmouth


Meadow Special School, Hampshire

“People felt a nagging injury had received some treatment, or their body was balanced and at worst they just felt good. It has been made clear, in the nicest possible way, that they would appreciate having Neil back. (He) has now been booked again “

Head Teacher, Peter Greenwood, is happy to be contacted

01420 474396


Gentleman, aged 50, Exeter.

“The treatments I have received from you have been very relaxing. I have also had various minor sports related injuries which you have sorted out, with a series of exercise, without failure. These have included a bad tennis elbow, dodgy knee and stiff legs. When I have a concern your helpful articles, exercises and advice falling through the letter box the next day has been extremely useful.

I also look forward to our first run together.”

D.M. Exeter


Lady, aged 50, Exmouth

“I work in a very demanding and stressful environment, but during each session I feel the tension drift away. Neil’s choice of oils and mood music always works wonders, leaving me feeling calm and uplifted.”

J.T. Exmouth

Westfield Technology Special School

“Neil joined us for a staff training day and gave ‘on-site’ massage to over a dozen staff (who) found the sessions relaxing and invigorating – we have booked him again.

* Would we do it again? We are!!

* Was it valuable? More than we could have possibly anticipated – many spin offs.

* Why didn’t we think of it before?”

Head Teacher, Phil Silvester, is happy to be contacted

01305 833518

Lady, aged 34, Exeter

"In January 2000, I was involved in a car accident which left me with injury to my neck, shoulders and lower back. For eighteen months my life was not fun.
In just six months Neil has managed to reduce the effect of my injury to the extent that I now have a real hope that I can lead a normal life."

C.B Exeter