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Fitness, Nutrition and Diet
Indian Head Massage
Sports Massage
Therapeutic Massage

Benefits of Treatments

A full and free consultation will assess

~ clients needs

~ medical history

~ lifestyle

~ other relevant history

following an initial consultation we will agree an individual programme.

NB: confidentiality is upheld at all times

Individual treatments
Each treatment is designed to meet individual needs and may involve a variety of techniques.

Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy and Sports Massage

Receiving a massage gives you time and space to re-assess your lifestyle, you have a right to relax.

Massage can be: back, neck and shoulders, back and legs, feet and legs, or full body.

Massage can help in a wide variety of situations including

~ headaches and migraines

~ aches, pains, stress, sprains, tennis elbow, golfers elbow etc

~ recovery from exercise stiffness

~ relaxation

~ digestion and associated ailments

~ the pain of rheumatism and arthritis

~ the healing of minor injuries

~ improving muscle tone

~ the removal of toxins, speeding up delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells.

Massage contributes to the integration of body, mind and soul

Therapeutic Massage:- is manipulative and uses fine pressure.

Aromatherapy Massage:- uses less pressure and concentrates on smoothing essential oils into the skin to treat you pharmacologically, physiologically and psychologically.

Sports Massage deals in particular with preparation for events, after event massage and injuries including repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Indian Head Massage

For Indian Head Massage the client remains fully clothed and seated in an upright position. The scalp, face, neck, head and shoulders are massaged. Benefits include

~ relief of tension headaches, migraine and eye strain

~ reduced stress

~ improved alertness and concentration

~ reduced tension in the neck and shoulders

~ raised energy levels

~ improved joint movement and general mobility

~ improved blood and lymph circulation

Fitness, Nutrition and Dietary Advice

Consultation, support and advice are offered to help with the following

~ exercise and stretching

~ sports activity eg running, walking, swimming, circuits, squash, tennis, badminton

~ natural weight loss and lifestyle planning

~ allergies and ailments eg irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) sinusitis, low energy

~ the value of different foods

~ boosting the immune system

~ cooking, food storage etc